FORM Primary Production Small Scale

Annual return for accreditation as a
to a SMALL scale Dairy Processor

Under the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) Act 2004
Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Dairy Industry) Regulations 2017

Food Safety Scheme

This form must be completed before accreditation can be certified. Please complete ALL details and return to: or 33 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 by no later than 31 July 2018

It is a condition of issue of a dairy farmer's accreditation that the applicant agrees:
1. that the sale of all milk and colostrum must only be to an accredited dairy processor,
2. to abide by Standard 4.2.4 of the Food Standards Code,
3. to pass an annual audit of your approved food safety arrangement,
4. to supply to Dairysafe such statistical information as may be required,
5. to advise Dairysafe in writing should any/all accreditee/s cease dairying,
6. a dairy processor has the right to refuse to collect a dairy farmer’s milk should they deem the product unsafe or unsuitable.
Dairysafe collects personal information relating to accredited producers in order to fulfil its requirements under the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) Act 2004 and the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Dairy Industry) Regulations 2017.

The information will be received by those who compile or maintain those records and will be accessible only for a purpose for which those records are kept or by those who have a legal right to access it. You have a right to access any information that is collected from you regarding your application for accreditation under the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) Act 2004. If you wish to access that information please contact Dairysafe.

I / WE declare the foregoing particulars are true and correct in every detail and have read the Food Standards Code located and agree to the above conditions relating to issue of accreditation.