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QCONZ Australia completes regulatory farm dairy audits including non-conformance follow-ups for Dairy Food Safety Victoria, New South wales Food Authority, Safe food Queensland and Dairy Authority of South Australia.


QCONZ Australia completes processor audits on behalf of Dairy Authority of South Australia (Dairysafe). Processors are audited against 4.2.4 of the Food Standards Code. Processors produce all dairy products from liquid milk, cream, cheese, cheese dips, yoghurt and ice cream. We also complete audits on dairy transport businesses on behalf of Dairysafe.


Sharing our knowledge and expertise is what we do best to help your business improve and grow.
QCONZ offer milk quality and food safety training workshops.
Using our Virtual Coach Software we can design and build eLearning training modules around your businesses quality assurance programme to upskill staff and farmers.


If you’re needing help to develop a quality assurance programme at the farm or in the factory, QCONZ have the skills and solutions to write and deliver these programmes electronically.


If you are investigating ways to help improve efficiencies on farm, QCONZ offer a number of software applications, database and reporting systems which electronically capture data on farm or in factory.
We can design IT solutions for the delivery of quality assurance programmes and can custom build to meet your business requirements.


Farmscope is a quality management app designed to manage compliance procedures at a supplier level.
What does it do?
Farmscope signals the end of the dairy diary as we know it.
This tool enables famers to better manage land, feed, animals and staff, and record and report farm performance - all from a mobile phone.
Dairy diary tasks and operating procedures can be loaded through a web interface and assigned to staff for completion. Task alerts and reminders are generated via the phone app. Once completed the task completion status is updated and reports generated.
Key benefits
Farmscope is a simple, low cost, no paper on/off line solution that puts you in control of all those important jobs.


SYNC is an electronic audit app which helps simplify the data collection process.
What does it do?
This tool enables you to build a form or checklist for data collection, assign to users to complete via phone, and sync back for reporting.
This smartphone technology is a fully customisable mobile form and data capture system which provides a simple interface for users to create form templates, assign to users, and start receiving information from the field. Reports are generated to help you analyse the data captured.
Key benefits
No more paper forms and no need for double entry. A low cost, fast and efficient data capture system with an on / offline solution.


Information Leader (iLeader) is a data management and reporting system used by industry, regulatory authorities and Government.
What does it do?
Using iLeader you can electronically capture, analyse and centrally manage traditionally paper-based information without having to develop new procedures. There is a full audit trail of every interaction with the system – data capture, document management and workflows, allowing powerful statistical reporting.
Key benefits
Ability to analyse performance through timely and quality data capture and reporting. An easy to use, cloud based system, which allows electronic signature capture for audit requirements. Operates fully offline with a two-way sync at a later date.
iLeader is an ideal solution for organisations involved in Auditing, Quality Assurance, Document Management, Training, OH&S, Supply Chain, Hazard Analysis and Environmental issues.
QCONZ is an iLeader Agent. Contact us today if you wish to learn more.